Inspired… captivated.

The Purely Paper Flower Shoppe

David Stark Design

I was sitting on the couch speaking aloud of dreams and ideas when one of the smartest people in my life said to me, “you should open a small paper flower shop!”  Wow, what a beautiful concept!

A few days later I got online to look at my competition-Is it possible?  Who else has done it?  What are my chances? Where I sought competition I found inspiration: David Stark Design’s Purely Paper Flower Shoppe.  Astonishing!  A tad intimidating.   Utterly amazing.  In May of 2010 David Stark and his crew opened a 4 day pop up store/installation (only in NYC, right?) in which everything was made of paper-EVERYTHING- from the flowers to the pots they were in, to the walls and awnings of the quaint little shop itself.   In his West Elm store located on Broadway and 62nd Street (I want to go to there…) Stark designs created a small paper wonderland typical of his vision and talent.  “And it was really fun to have the cutest corner flower shop in the land,” he says.  I believe it!  However, the time may come when Mr. Stark has to settle for having had the 2nd cutest flower shop in the land.  It won’t be today, it may not be tomorrow, but some day, in a land not so far, far away, there will be another paper flower shoppe, and it shall be called The Paper Pimpernel: A Paper Flower Shoppe.  And that day I will message him on Facebook and thank him.  I will thank him for doing it first and for encouraging me by asking to see pictures of my work… I will tell him that he will have to settle for being the lead of THE best design, planning and production team in the U.S., and then I will ask him to fly to Chattanooga to visit my shop ;)

Want more David Stark?

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  1. I love this idea – even after admiring your beautiful flowers, the thought of a paper flower shoppe never occurred to me. Darcee, I think this is an amazing goal to have and wishing you much success in your endeavors!

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